Jiangsu Shenyuan group 2020 year end summary commendation conference is a complete success

2021-04-26 09:15:03

On February 1, 2021, the year-end summary and commendation meeting of Jiangsu Shenyuan group was successfully held in the multimedia conference room of Shenyuan headquarters.


Influenced by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, and at the same time responding to the request of the "no concentration" of the higher authorities, the senior group decided to cancel the 2021 Spring Festival reception. The commendation meeting was presided over by Pan Xiaojian, vice president of the group. There were four items on the agenda of the meeting: first, the chairman announced advanced collectives and advanced individuals in 2020; Second, awards are awarded; Third, representatives of advanced individuals and advanced collectives made speeches; Fourth, the general manager made an important speech on "focusing on the main line of main business, continuously optimizing and strengthening, and comprehensively promoting the development of Shenyuan group to a new level". The general manager affirmed and congratulated the advanced collectives and individuals who silently adhered to their posts, worked hard and selflessly. At the same time, he summarized and deployed the "main work in 2020, current situation analysis and key tasks".


The past year has been an extraordinary one in the development history of Shenyuan group. The business environment at home and abroad is full of variables, and Sino US friction is becoming more and more serious. COVID-19 has seriously affected most enterprises in the country. In the face of the overall downward market environment, Shen Yuan group is committed to tackling difficulties and tackling COVID-19 in a comprehensive way. In foreign cooperation, we should maintain strategic strength and stick to the bottom line; Adhere to the market orientation, and constantly optimize the product structure; Adhere to the transformation and upgrading, constantly increase investment in technological transformation, and improve the level of equipment; Adhere to deepen the reform of the company's internal management system, constantly explore the business model and distribution mode, and steadily improve the management and operation quality. It can be said that the past year has been a year of hard work for all employees of Shenyuan, a year for the group company to overcome difficulties and strive for progress, rise against the trend, and all kinds of work have continued to improve.

2021 is the year of Shenyuan group's product structure adjustment, production line layout optimization, foreign cooperation implementation and listing and financing start-up. All employees of the company must focus on this development idea and business objective, unify their thinking and do their own work well.

We firmly believe that as long as we are not afraid of difficulties, firm belief, focus on the main line of our business, and continue to optimize and strengthen, the business plan target of 2021 will be fully completed, and the development of the group company will reach a new level.


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